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Spray Zolatone (or equv.) in shaded area prior to fuselage assembly.

Weight Conscious GlaStar Assembly

In the beginning stages of developing the GlaStar we set goals for performance, weight, build time (don’t laugh—the industry’s come a long way from...
Automatic center-punch

Locating and Center-Punching Holes

You may have the best tools, but it's knowing how to use them that makes you a craftsman - in this case our members...

GlaStar Wing Folding

For a taildragger, folding the wing is an accident waiting to happen. Mess up and you will damage the airplane like I did. I...
GlaStar electric trim installation

GlaStar Electric Elevator Trim

The major benefit electric trim gives in my opinion (if you put the switch on the stick) is that it keeps the main flight...
Martin Elshire instrument panel in his GlaStar

Martin Elshire’s Molded GlaStar Panel

Ever wonder what a designer and installer of panels would put in his own private GlaStar? Well check this out! Martin's own panel fabrication company...

Cool Tools

A while back I was asked how I was getting so much done on my plane in a short period of time. Naturally I...
Wing rotating jig

Wing Rotating Stand

These are some easily made (and cheap) wing stands I made to support my wings before and during painting. I used 90mm x 35mm...

Service Bulletin for Dynon Heated Pitot Tubes

Applicability and Affected Equipment This bulletin affects the Dynon Avionics Heated AOA/Pitot Probe (p/n 100667-000). Description Dynon Avionics has received reports from pilots who have experienced degraded...

Spins in a GlaStar

I did my required spin training for the instructor's rating in the second, demo GlaStar. (Learned to fly in a Luscombe, didn't enjoy spinning...
Gap sealing tape

Scotch Electrical Tape for Sealing Gaps

I change the gear every float season so for sealing the gap between the gear leg and the fuselage I used a general purpose...