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Removable control stick

Removable Control Stick

Here is some information on how to make your stick look like the above photo. Place your stick into its socket on the control boss and slide it into the […]
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DIY Upholstery

For those of you thinking of tackling your own upholstery here is a little short lesson on what worked for me. Let me caveat...
GlaStar gear swap in progress. Photo: Werner Schneider.

Trike vs. Tail-dragger

Many builders have asked the question, “Trike or taildragger?” My short answer for them would be, “I would suggest you go with the trike,...

Frayed Rudder Cable

During my first annual condition inspection at about 100 hours, I had quite a surprise; the forward rudder cable had gotten caught on the...
Dave Hulse landing his GlaStar

Normal Landings in a GlaStar

When flying at airshows, it's not uncommon to have many aircraft of various approach speeds all headed for the same or parallel runways at...

GlaStar Nose Fork Modification for 5.00 x 5 Wheel and Tire

Upsizing the wheel and tire to 5x5 size gives 1-3/8" more prop clearance. Extending the fork down 1-1/4" gives a total gain of 2-5/8" prop clearance.
A wooden stiffener attached to the GlaStar gear leg dampens the forward-aft motion of the gear during ground operations

GlaStar Gear Leg Dampers

The pictures are of my wood gear dampers installed on my GlaStar. I used mahogany base molding glued together to form a faired shape...
GlaStar nose wheel bearings. Photo: Arlo Reeves.

Wheel Bearings

I was concerned about the salty sand we landed on in Baja corroding my wheels, so I rinsed them off and went flying, but...

Scott Alperin’s TWTT Sportsman

Another successful Sportsman homecoming from the TWTT program. Scott Alperin writes: I completed construction of the Glasair Sportsman on November 1, 2016 in the Two...

The Dave Hulse GlaStar Strut Jig

To borrow this jig, contact Dave Hulse via the members' forum.