Sportsman top deck. Photo: Zach Chase, Fibertech Composites

GlaStar Top Deck Installation Tips

Lifting eye slots: when laying out the dimensions for the lifting eye slots in the top deck, be sure to make an inside measurement...

Use of Van’s Induction Air Scoop in a GlaStar

A number of builders have used this modification—adding an air intake scoop from Van's Aircraft. This description was the procedure that I used, which was...
GlaStar wingtip fairing installation

Wingtip Installation Tip

There is a conflict in the wing tip construction as per the Manual (Rev C) Section VI Wing assembly, Fig 43 p.103 instructs you...
chart box under instrument panel

Chart and Storage Box Under the Instrument Panel

Al Sibley provided this mod for a storage compartment hat sits under the instrument panel on the center tunnel. Others might have already done something...

Tires for Alaska

With the big trip to Alaska almost upon us it is time to think seriously about getting our planes ready to tackle...

Scott Alperin’s TWTT Sportsman

Another successful Sportsman homecoming from the TWTT program. Scott Alperin writes: I completed construction of the Glasair Sportsman on November 1, 2016 in the Two...

Marc’s Sportsman: The Trim Saga

We left the end of the annual with a note about problems I’ve been having with the electric pitch trim system in my Glastar...
Gap sealing tape

Scotch Electrical Tape for Sealing Gaps

I change the gear every float season so for sealing the gap between the gear leg and the fuselage I used a general purpose...

Nutplate Jig

Submitted by Don Jessup. Don't delay—make yourself a metal template to drill all the holes you will make for nutplates. About 1" x 2" seems...
Top deck installation. Photo: Zach Chase/FiberTech Composites

Finish Glass Work Tips

Glassing the top on: When glassing the tail of the top deck to the aft part of the fuselage there is a problem area....