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Caribbean archipelago

Caribbean Puddle Jumpers

One winter afternoon, my wife, Heidi, and I were looking at a map of the Western Hemisphere in our hangar. We were reminiscing about...
Flying along the west coast of the Dead Sea.

Italy to Israel in a GlaStar

It's quite understandable that it took about 5 months of preparation for the most beautiful flight in my 20 years light aircraft flying. But...

Around the World in 59 Days

In the Beginning, the Dream... Since I was a child, I had the dream of building an airplane and flying it around the world. Now,...
The other useful piece of equipment essential for the Australian Outback – the fly hat!

Third Time Across Australia

Sue and I have twice taken the GlaStar on flying safaris across Australia. In those trips we flew as tag-alongs with Stawell Aviation. This...
Coast above Derby, not a good area for an outlanding.

Around Australia in the GlaStar

Three years almost to the day after completing my 15-year GlaStar build, Sue and I have returned from our 4,653 nm around Australia flight....

Trevor Berg’s Sportsman on Floats

Here are a few postcards from Trevor Berg and his Sportsman on floats. These are some of my favourite because they are all taken on...
Lakes and Suttons over Idaho. Photo: Arlo Reeves.

Smiley Creek 2017

The tenth annual Smiley Creek Fly-in was even better than usual, which is surprising in that we've already had so many memorable ones. But...
Smiley Creek flightline. Photo: Dave Hulse

Smiley Creek 2016 is a Success

It's Sunday morning and I'm watching our GlaStar and Sportsman airplanes departing Smiley Creek airport. There are still a few of us hanging around here...

So You Want to Fly to Canada, eh?

You can easily fly into and through Canada on your way to Alaska, if you know the procedures and follow them. However, getting set...

Tom Needham’s Sportsman Repair Project 2016

Editor’s note: This is a personal request from Ted Setzer to raise funding for a fuselage cage replacement, labor and travel costs for Tom...