Places we travel and the fun things we do.

Flying to Alaska

Some places just enchant you. No matter how many times you go there it isn’t enough. Alaska is like that for me. It was...
Carlos Emmons after the flight with Glauco Nuzzi.

A Trip to Italy

Sometimes work is such a drag. I got a call on short notice to cover a trip to Rome (bummer). I e-mailed fellow ‘netter Glauco...

The Kit in the Really Big Box

Written by Julie Passmore. Julie suffers her husband Rod's obsession in Forest, Virginia. Notes from the bitter better half When my husband called from Oshkosh a...

Ducking the Long Arm of the Law

Most of us are generally law-abiding citizens, but it's a rare pilot who hasn't occasionally bent an FAR just a little bit around the...

Doing Business with the Glasair III

"You try to do too many things when we go someplace," is a comment I'll sometimes hear from my wife, Bonita. And I guess...