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Slotted Flap Hinges Drawing

Glasair slotted flaps hinge CAD drawing. Make from 2024 T-3 Aluminum. Part numbers: 551-3913-001 551-3921-001 551-3956-001 551-3922-001 551-3913-001 551-3914-001 Drawn by Wim Marchal with help from...

Glasair I Wing Jig Support Templates

Glasair I Wing Jig Support templates A, B, C, and D. Scanned at 1:1. Piece them together using alignment marks and lines of specific length on each so that they can be checked for scale (PDF) or use the dxf file to print on a plotter or large format printer. Provided by John Brannen.
Glasair Instrument panel CAD

Glasair I Panel CAD Drawing – Dan Olson

STP CAD files for Dan Olson's instrument panel. Reference this topic in the forum.

Instrument Panel CAD Drawings – Sportsman

DXF and PDF drawings of the center and two side panels are included in the zip file. Submitted by Daniel Lodge.