Superior XP-400 piston. Top two are compression rings and the bottom is the oil control ring.

Engine Break-in

Break-in of an engine refers primarily to the initial phase of operation in which the piston rings will "seat" against the cylinder walls. Run-in refers...

Lightweight Custom Jack

Steve and I recently installed a set of Thomas Cox’s jack pads on our tricycle-gear GlaStar. These beautifully machined pads fit perfectly and will...
Engine disassembly

Engine Overhaul

As part of requirement to obtain my A&P certificate, I was to witness a few more engine overhauls, so I called Poplar Grove Airmotive...

First Flight of Ed Hoeppner’s Glasair III

On Oct 17, 2017, three days short of 10 years of building, Glasair lll C-GKVE flew for the first time. The kit was purchased...

Advanced Aero Components Acquires Glasair II and III Assets

Glasair Aviation USA, LLC. and Advanced Aero Components "AAC" announced the sale of product line assets for the Glasair II and III models. According to Ian...

Wrap School

I have found that wrapping the airplane can be quite frustrating but I’m learning a lot. I've been testing 3M 1080 wrap and the Avery...

Windshield Installation “Bush Fix” When Clecos Run Out

At one point during the installation of our windshield it became clear that we needed an additional wingnut cleco - the windshield simply wasn't conforming to the shape of the fuselage joggle as well as expected. We had exhausted our supply of wingnut clecos, so what were we to do?

Glasair I, II, III Options & Accessories Catalog (Archive)

This was the Glasair Options catalog as it was available on Glasair Aviation's website and is preserved here for archival purposes. A PDF version...

Glasair II RG, N131CB: Incident occurred December 30, 2016 in Arlington, WA

Aircraft experienced electrical failure and made forced landing off airport in Arlington, Washington A single-engine plane landed without its gear fully extended near Arlington Municipal...

First Flight of Bill Kerschbaum’s Glasair I-RG

Bill reports: "Successful first three flights in my Glasair I-RG last week. Working on some squawks, and hope to continue flying later this week....