EarthX Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

I recently became aware of a great battery alternative for Glasair owners. Here is the statement from their website. About EarthX “EarthX, Inc. is a US...

Aileron and Flap Trailing Edges

This tip was submitted by Barry Bieber, Glasair II-S RG The flap and aileron panels are rather flexible and it's easy to get unwanted low areas along...

Windshield Installation “Bush Fix” When Clecos Run Out

At one point during the installation of our windshield it became clear that we needed an additional wingnut cleco - the windshield simply wasn't conforming to the shape of the fuselage joggle as well as expected. We had exhausted our supply of wingnut clecos, so what were we to do?

Maintaining Glasair Fuselage Width

Kern Hendricks recently brought his kit to our Service Center for some help in completing it, and pointed out that during the construction of...

Glasair Overhead GPS Antenna Tray

Here are a couple of quick drawings for my overhead GPS antenna tray. Produce side walls from 1/4 inch foam, coat one side with...

Glasair I, II, III Options & Accessories Catalog (Archive)

This was the Glasair Options catalog as it was available on Glasair Aviation's website and is preserved here for archival purposes. A PDF version...
Engine disassembly

Engine Overhaul

As part of requirement to obtain my A&P certificate, I was to witness a few more engine overhauls, so I called Poplar Grove Airmotive...

Design and Construction of Embedded Antennas for Glasairs

This tip was submitted by Kurt Rutkowski, Glasair Super II RG. Due to the composite construction of the Glasair, there is no need to use conventional,...

Nose Gear Wheel Fairing

Submitted by Don Jessup, Wellsboro PA, Glasair Super II FT When you are fitting the nose wheel fairing the manual suggests a 7/8" space above the wheel fairing...

Creature Comfort

Winter Flying For those of us living in the northern climates, it’s worth paying attention to being warm in your aircraft. In southern Wisconsin, our...