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GlaStar Checklist (Terry Dovey)

Checklists for GlaStar aircraft created by Terry Dovey. Customize to suit your own aircraft. Word documents.

Condition Inspection Checklist for GlaStar

Excel file, customize for your aircraft. Provided by Rick Beebe.

Winter Ops Checklist – Glasair

Winter/cold weather operations checklist in MS Word format. Created by Brian Beaird, Glasair II RG, N240DB.

Glastar Service Bulletin Checklist (W Schneider) 2002

Modify this document to suit your aircraft. It is incomplete in its current form at the time of this writing.

Glastar Maintenance Checklist Sample

Provided by Pete Washbourn MS Word (.doc) format. Modify to meet the the equipment and requirements of your aircraft and certifying authority.