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Slotted Flap Hinges Drawing

Glasair slotted flaps hinge CAD drawing. Make from 2024 T-3 Aluminum. Part numbers: 551-3913-001 551-3921-001 551-3956-001 551-3922-001 551-3913-001 551-3914-001 Drawn by Wim Marchal with help from...
Glasair Instrument panel CAD

Glasair I Panel CAD Drawing – Dan Olson

STP CAD files for Dan Olson's instrument panel. Reference this topic in the forum.

Instrument Panel CAD Drawings – Sportsman

DXF and PDF drawings of the center and two side panels are included in the zip file. Submitted by Daniel Lodge.

GlaStar Paper Templates CAD

Created by Mo Brooks. Print the templates in 1:1 scale, cut and use spray-mount adhesive to attach them to aluminum stock and cut, or...