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How-to and Builder Tips

No need to reinvent the wheel every time. Tips and hints for builders and owners constructing and maintaining aircraft.

Glasair Engine Cooling

These mods have been documented in the past but mainly on Sportsmans and GlaStars. I want to add that the Glasair with its tight...

Partially Collapsed Retractable Gear

I had an unfortunate incident in preparation for the first flight. While conducting a high speed taxi test, my nose wheel started to shimmy...

Trimming Doors

I installed one of my doors today and I found a method that helped mark the door for trimming. I’m not sure if someone...

Changing the GlaStar Seat Back Angle

Whenever my wife has me drive her car, I always have to adjust the seat since she’s 5’-2”. That includes adjusting the seat back...
Cooling ramps improve airflow

Cooling Ramps

These are cowling inlet ramps that help significantly with keeping cylinder head temperatures down during extended climbs in hot weather. They can be ordered...

Baffle Seals

Good baffle seals are critical if the airplane is to spend time hanging on the prop at full throttle. These are AMS3320-spec glass-reinforced silicone, using...

Taming the Tail Wheel Shimmy

Written by Will Fox, Technical Counselor, EAA Chapter 691, Los Alamos, New Mexico Ever had a tail wheel shimmy on you? If you haven’t, consider...

Glasair Control Stick Clearance Tips

Q: I am having trouble installing the control stick into the control yoke. A: Sand the black powder coating off the control stick where it...
Custom molded heated pitot tube by Eric Jones

Streamlined Heated Pitot Tube

Want a unique pitot tube? Follow these instructions from Eric Jones and build a custom heated pitot tube. Eric Jones can be reached via his...

Marking Electrical Wires and Connectors

This couple of tips for marking electrical connections from builder Roy Kokenge might save you some time when you are doing your wiring. Dye for connectors:...