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Condition Inspection Checklist for GlaStar

Excel file, customize for your aircraft. Provided by Rick Beebe.

Tweaking a GlaStar/Sportsman Wing and Tail

GlaStar and Sportsman planes are remarkable in how well they fly and how consistently they come out especially considering they are usually built by...

GlaStar versus Sportsman: How do they really stack up?

I now have about 800 hours in three separate Sportsman planes and about 800 hours in GlaStars, so I feel I am in a...

Cleveland Wheels & Brakes Product Catalog

AWBPC0001-20/USA, December 31, 2016.

Tow-Bar Rack

Steve and I like to have a fairly organized baggage compartment. And what is more frustrating than trying to find your tow-bar when you...

Fuel Transfer Controller – Tom Kuffel

PDF version of the files provided by Tom Kuffel in his article Fuel Transfer Controller – Lower Cost Version.

Float Rigging Design & Maintenance, Part 2

In the first installment of this article, I conveyed information learned about the geometric design as well as the re-design of my floatplane rigging...

The “SuperStar”

Recently, I worked with a friend from San Diego after he purchased a GlaStar that had briefly flown. He wanted the GlaStar to undergo a complete make-over plus some upgrades.

Differences and improvements in the Sportsman vs. GlaStar

Two of our primary goals in the development of the Sportsman were to make it much easier to build and structurally stronger (so it...