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Tractor to Flush Gas Caps

Change the tractor-style fuel caps to flush caps for a sleek wing.

Vortex Generators on a Sportsman

This article is long overdue! What’s here is a condensed version of a long forum topic I started entitled, “VGs on a Sportsman.” Like...

Acme Aero Stinger Tailwheel Suspension in a GlaStar

When I started building my GlaStar many years ago, I knew the primary mission was going to be off-airport operations since I live in...

Leading Edge Lights

Flyleds LED lights in the GlaStar's leading edge - how to make the bracket and form the acrylic lens.

Building a GlaStar—Presentation by Dave Prizio

Dave Prizio gave a presentation through EAA Chapter 92 on October 5, 2021. Watch the recording below. Introduction from Chapter 92: Building a GlaStar—with Dave Prizio Taking...

GlaStar Checklist (Terry Dovey)

Checklists for GlaStar aircraft created by Terry Dovey. Customize to suit your own aircraft. Word documents.

GlaStar Nose Fork Modification for 5.00 x 5 Wheel and Tire

Upsizing the wheel and tire to 5x5 size gives 1-3/8" more prop clearance. Extending the fork down 1-1/4" gives a total gain of 2-5/8" prop clearance.

Magnetic Door Holder

This modification may apply to all GlaStar and Sportsman doors, but in particular it is most helpful with the tailwheel configuration as the doors...

GlaStar Rudder Pedal Modification to Improve Geometry

Method for using aluminum cast rudder pedals instead of the fabricated pedals and modifying the mounting geometry to keep the face of the pedal from rotating while being pushed back and forth.

Alaska to Oshkosh, Part 3

Plenty has been written about Oshkosh so I will not say much about AirVenture 2019 except it was awesome. It is weird to reminisce,...