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Have fun with other Glasair enthusiasts around the world. Join the hundreds of us who are nuts about our airplanes. Be part of the Glasair family as we get together at Sun ‘n Fun, AirVenture, and many regional fly-ins.

Postcards from Smiley Creek 2015

Just got home after 37+ hours of fun in the GlaStar. A belated BIG thank you to Dave & Dave & Gail & Ann...

Glasair Aviation Offering Free Aft Seat Option at Oshkosh 2015

In celebration of AirVenture Oshkosh 2015, Glasair Aviation is adding the aft seat option to any Two Weeks To Taxi Sportsman order placed before...
Columbia 2014. Photo: Dave Ammenti.

12th Annual Northern California Glasair Aircraft Owners Association Fly-in October 3-5

Join us for the 12th Annual Northern California GlaStar/Sportsman Fly-in on Oct. 3-5 in Columbia, California! This fine fall fly-in takes place at one...

Jeff Lavelle Cleans Up at Reno

I spent my week at Reno crewing for Breaking Wind. Ryan Moran and his Glasair III wouldn’t be as fast as Jeff Lavelle’s Race...

Columbia 2014

Thanks to everyone who came to Columbia, California and made our 12th annual fly-in such a fun one. We had 12 GlaStar & Sportsman...

Fun and Friendship in a Mountain Paradise

This year’s Smiley Creek GlaStar & Sportsman Fly-in was one of the best ever, according to the regulars who’ve made the annual pilgrimage since...
Smiley Creek Fly-in (Photo: Alan Negrin)

2014 Smiley creek, Idaho Fly-In Preview

The 7th annual Smiley Creek fly-in is only a few weeks away. If you are planning to attend this year please reply in the Events...
Independence, Oregon airport

Independence, Oregon Fly-in 2014 Preview

Independence, Oregon is in close proximity to Van’s factory, and we have a lot of RVs at the airpark and a lot of them...
Herb Karkheck at SnF 2014

Sun ‘n Fun 2014 Postcard

Herb Karkheck organized another great brat-roast party at the 2014 Sun ‘n Fun Fly In for the Glasair Aircraft Owners Association. He reports that...
Pirates at Columbia

Pirate Pilots Swoop in on the Columbia Fly-in

Great food, perfect weather and the company of like-minded Pirates was enjoyed by those attending the recent GlaStar & Sportsman fly-in at Columbia, California....