Postcards from Smiley Creek 2015

Craig Ellison – Photo by Dave Hulse

Just got home after 37+ hours of fun in the GlaStar. A belated BIG thank you to Dave & Dave & Gail & Ann for creating one of the best group events ever. It was nice to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones as well. The turn out was record setting and the weather, though a bit hot, was excellent for flying in the early mornings. My fair weather spouse was a real trooper and (I think!) actually enjoyed the trip very much. Of course, with such a cast of characters, who wouldn’t want to live in that asylum? The only bad thing I can say is that there’s some sort of time warp across the Continental Divide because the week went by way too fast. We spent three days at beautiful Priest Lake after Smiley Creek. Flew into the Cavanaugh Bay airport and stayed at the nearby marina. Definitely another awesome Idaho destination I would highly recommend. Not sure when our next Smiley Creek will be but I’m missing it already!

—Carlos Emmons


Met a lot of the names I’ve only seen on the forum and what a great bunch. An immense thanks to Dave Hulse and all others who organized a fantastic weekend. Special thanks to Jesse & Linda McMurtry for sharing the yurt with a total stranger.

—Vic Chewning

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