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Single-Engine Failure After Takeoff: The Anatomy of a Turn-back Maneuver

By Les Glatt, Ph.D. ATP/CFI-AI VNY FSDO FAASTeam Representative

So, you would like to fly into AirVenture at Oshkosh?

You've not done it, but there it is, on your bucket list, maybe at the top. You want to fly your GlaStar, Sportsman or...

Are You a Safe Pilot?

Do you consider yourself a safe pilot? Why? When you make a flight in your GlaStar, Sportsman or other aircraft, what kinds of pre-flight...

Frayed Rudder Cable

During my first annual condition inspection at about 100 hours, I had quite a surprise; the forward rudder cable had gotten caught on the...

XP3 Experimental Plane & Pilot Performance

Recognizing the best practices in the completion and flight testing of homebuilt aircraft Prepared by the Experimental Aircraft Association and Homebuilt Aircraft Council

Kitplanes – Safety Is No Accident 0111

The safety data on the longstanding Glasair and GlaStar is fascinating and, in some cases, perplexing.

Glasair Door Handle Safety Loop

I fitted these today to my Glasair I found them in an auto supply shop—they are the loops for a utility truck cover. I...

Inadvertent Flap Retraction

On our last fuel stop coming home from our Idaho adventures I was landing on a long runway with breezy conditions at KTKX. Due...

Glasair FT Gear Bracket Cracks

Mike Palmer’s Glasair II FT has over 3400 hours on it and he recently discovered cracks in the lugs of his main landing gear...

First Aid Kit for Small Aircraft

As some of us were sitting around the campfire at Smiley Creek this year, the conversation turned to first aid supplies. Since my day...