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Titan Engine Discount for GAOA

Now is the time to order your new engine! We have a limited-time offer from Continental Aerospace for any parallel-valve engine with 320, 340,...

Operator’s Manual Lycoming O-360, HO-360, IO-360, AIO-360, HIO-360 & TIO-360 Series

8th Edition Part No. 60297-12 652 Published October 2005, Revised 2007-2009.

Thoughts on Cooling

Oil cooler I did something a bit different with the oil cooler. Since we typically take the oil cooler air from behind cylinder #3 and...

Cylinder Head and Oil Temperature Management on a Glasair Sportsman

There have been numerous threads on the Glasair Owners Forum related to engine cooling and dealing with high oil temperatures and high cylinder head...

Lycoming O-320 and O-360 Engine Series Specifications

Specifications for the Lycoming O-320 and O-360 series of engines with data that includes compression, horsepower, RPM, TBO, dimensions, dry weight, and mount type. The...