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Glasair I Wing Jig Support Templates

Glasair I Wing Jig Support templates A, B, C, and D. Scanned at 1:1. Piece them together using alignment marks and lines of specific length on each so that they can be checked for scale (PDF) or use the dxf file to print on a plotter or large format printer. Provided by John Brannen.

400-00159-01 Glasair II and III Wing Jig Templates

PDF of the large paper templates for the Glasair II and III wing jigs.

Trimming Doors

I installed one of my doors today and I found a method that helped mark the door for trimming. I’m not sure if someone...

Wing Support Jig

If you are ready to attach the wings to the cage no doubt you’ve done some thinking about how you are going to support...

GlaStar Wing Strut Drilling Jig Instructions

Edited by Werner Schneider, based on the original instruction developed by David Hulse. See more about the jig.

The Dave Hulse GlaStar Strut Jig

To borrow this jig, contact Dave Hulse via the members' forum.

Method For Locating Slotted Flap Hinges

Submitted by Randy Bretton This method was used to locate the slotted flap hinges and build the flaps on my Super II FT. One advantage of...

Horizontal Stabilizer Hinge Bracket Alignment

Submitted by John Schroeder This is a supplement to the Builder’s Hint published by Neal Garvin describing a new way to align the hinge brackets on...

Glasair Fuselage Hoist

This tip was written by Richard May, Glasair III. For builders like myself who have to work alone, the sketch below shows an arrangement that makes...