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Seat Cushion for the Tall Aviator

I built my Sportsman via the Two-weeks-to-taxi program in November, 2018. The seat cushions that come with the TWTT Sportsman are fine for most...

Heavy Hauler

People want to know just how much you can carry in a Sportsman. I tell them it will carry anything that will fit unless...

A New Water Rudder Design

Although I have greatly enjoyed my Sportsman’s amphibious floats (Clamar 2500’s) over the past 9 years, there have been a few issues that have...

Two Weeks to Taxi Customer Workbook (BJC)

Provided by Byron Covey.

Collection of Advisories and Service Bulletins GlaStar and Sportsman

This document is a collection of advisories published by Stoddard-Hamilton/ Glasair Aviation for the GlaStar and Sportsman aircraft. Version 1.0, 2020-07-27 Contents Index GlaStar Advisory Publications Index...

Glasair Aviation Takes “COVID Pause”

Announcing a “proactive business strategy,” Glasair Aviation, maker of the Sportsman Experimental, says it is furloughing its production and builder-assist staff while retaining a...

Why We Build: Life with the Sportsman Couldn’t be Better

So‭, ‬how does one go about talking about the number-one thing in his life‭? ‬I can say that now‭. ‬I’m not married anymore‭. ‬Of...

Tweaking a GlaStar/Sportsman Wing and Tail

GlaStar and Sportsman planes are remarkable in how well they fly and how consistently they come out especially considering they are usually built by...

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