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Acme Aero Stinger Tailwheel Suspension in a GlaStar

When I started building my GlaStar many years ago, I knew the primary mission was going to be off-airport operations since I live in...

Sportsman Kits Available Again

After a "COVID pause" that slowed down operations at Glasair Aviation, the company is once again selling kits. While the Two Weeks to Taxi...

Carbon Sportsman Strut Trimming and Drilling Instructions

Glasair Aviation's TWTT workbook adapted for the Carbon Sportsman wing strut and fittings. Important: The length of the struts and the angles to be cut...

Magnetic Door Holder

This modification may apply to all GlaStar and Sportsman doors, but in particular it is most helpful with the tailwheel configuration as the doors...

GSSL 21: Sportsman Float Operations

Subject: Operating limitations on floats  Applicability: All Sportsman aircraft operated on floats  Discussion: This service letter serves as the official statement of operating limitations for the...

Seat Cushion for the Tall Aviator

I built my Sportsman via the Two-weeks-to-taxi program in November, 2018. The seat cushions that come with the TWTT Sportsman are fine for most...

Heavy Hauler

People want to know just how much you can carry in a Sportsman. I tell them it will carry anything that will fit unless...

A New Water Rudder Design

Although I have greatly enjoyed my Sportsman’s amphibious floats (Clamar 2500’s) over the past 9 years, there have been a few issues that have...

Two Weeks to Taxi Customer Workbook (BJC)

Provided by Byron Covey.

Collection of Advisories and Service Bulletins GlaStar and Sportsman

This document is a collection of advisories published by Stoddard-Hamilton/ Glasair Aviation for the GlaStar and Sportsman aircraft. Version 1.0, 2020-07-27 Contents Index GlaStar Advisory Publications Index...