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Wing Rotating Stand

These are some easily made (and cheap) wing stands I made to support my wings before and during painting. I used 90mm x 35mm...

Lightweight Custom Jack

Steve and I recently installed a set of Thomas Cox’s jack pads on our tricycle-gear GlaStar. These beautifully machined pads fit perfectly and will...

Glasair Service Bulletin 144

SUBJECT: Tubing Flaring Tool (P/N 810-0190-001)

Trimming Doors

I installed one of my doors today and I found a method that helped mark the door for trimming. I’m not sure if someone...

Hazardous Chemicals in the Building Process

As you build and maintain your airplane you will likely use a number of hazardous chemicals. Knowing how to handle these chemicals safely and what...

Tools to Maintain Your Sportsman or GlaStar

As we get more Sportsman builders who may not have extensive tool collections, the question has come up, what tools do I really need...

Survival Gear

As we prepared to embark on our grand tour of Canada and Alaska survival equipment became a major concern. But we should always give...

Cool Tools

A while back I was asked how I was getting so much done on my plane in a short period of time. Naturally I...

Riveting Tips

Dimples: Those cute little depressions around the rivet heads that occur when riveting light skins are almost impossible to avoid. They are caused by...