Wing Rotating Stand

Wing rotating jig
Wing rotating stands.

These are some easily made (and cheap) wing stands I made to support my wings before and during painting. I used 90mm x 35mm dressed pine timber, fast drive wood screws and bolts appropriately sized to fit through the spar holes. It was some time back now but I think at the outboard ends what I did was insert some timber through two lightening holes and screw to it.

With this arrangement I was able to lock the wing in any position.

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Terry Dovey
Terry has been flying his GlaStar VH-TDI tricycle since 2013 Down-Under. His GlaStar is equipped with an AeroSport Power IO-320-D1A, 160HP, fuel injected engine, one mag, one Lightspeed Plasma III CDI ignition, Hartzell 72” CS prop, Dynon D1000 Classic EFIS, iPad running AvPlan nav & flight planning software.