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Each one of our experimental aircraft is unique, but they share many systems which need maintenance. It has to be done regularly to keep the aircraft airworthy, and it must be done correctly. Builders and owners share knowledge and tips for saving money in the process.

Nuisance Oil Leaks

With about 370 hours on my Superior XP-360 engine, I had developed several small leaks that were difficult to track down, but I discovered a...

EarthX Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

I recently became aware of a great battery alternative for Glasair owners. Here is the statement from their website. About EarthX “EarthX, Inc. is a US...

PMag Pirep

I've had a Lightspeed EI (LSE) on my right side and a Slick impulse mag on the left. Both have performed with no issues...

Auxiliary Airbox Retention

Installations affected Engine installations typically installed in Van’s aircraft. These are only updraft sump installations with FM-100 or FM-200, FM-200A fuel controls, using Vans filtered...

Glasair FT Gear Bracket Cracks

Mike Palmer’s Glasair II FT has over 3400 hours on it and he recently discovered cracks in the lugs of his main landing gear...

Engine Oil Analysis

When I purchased my GlaStar in February 2013 I had arranged over the phone for a pre-purchase inspection, then upon satisfactory findings, I flew...

Magnetic Engine Protection

I went through some expensive engine difficulties after having rebuilt an IO-360 engine for my Sportsman. The lifters and camshaft lobes showed signs of...

Service Bulletin for Dynon Heated Pitot Tubes

Applicability and Affected Equipment This bulletin affects the Dynon Avionics Heated AOA/Pitot Probe (p/n 100667-000). Description Dynon Avionics has received reports from pilots who have experienced degraded...
bug plug - prevent insects from crawling in

Bug Plug

How to make an inexpensive plug to keep bugs out of your airplane Buy a 100-pack of bright orange “fuzzy sticks." Used to be commonly...

Sensenich Fixed-Pitch Propeller Nomenclature and Repitching

Sensenich aluminum fixed-pitch propeller model designation system EXAMPLE..._70CM6S16-0-79_ _  Special letter prefix to identify accessories or composition of propeller. Current letters include 'S' for STC...