Welcome to the GAOA Website

A few things to get you started:

If you’ve ever been a member of GAOA, Glastarnet, or Glasair.org, but never logged into this website, first you must reset your password. Your username and email have been transferred, but your password has not, so you will need to set a new one. Visit this page and follow the instructions.

To get the full features of this website, users must be logged in and have a current membership. If your membership expired and you would like to renew, select GAOA Membership from the Membership menu above. 

One of the main benefits GAOA members enjoy is the forum. The migration from Glastarnet included all posts and attachments, as well as private messages. Additionally, posts from the old Glasair forum have been included.

Click on the Forum link in the menu to go there.

Our forum platform is called Discourse and comes with some very cool features. Like with our previous forum, you can receive posts by email and respond, but now Discourse allows for much better customization. Visit the forum and see the how-to topic to set that up.

Any problems – send me an email.

So, welcome, enjoy, and thanks for your support!

— Omar Filipovic

Note: Some AOL email users have had password reset emails blocked by AOL, so if you are using an @aol email address and you’re not seeing the password confirmation email – contact me.