Builders are awesome tinkerers and inventors, and they come up with improvements to the original design. Luckily they aren’t’ shy about sharing information!

Glasair-I wing. Photo: Andy Plunkett

Upgrading a G-I Wing to G-II Configuration

The original G-I wing can take advantage of a number of later kit components and component locations. First the fuel tank capacity can be increased...
Turbine Glasair-I

Turbine Glasair G-I

One of the "fun" aspects of working the Technical Support desk is we get a sneak preview of what some of the builders are...

Glasair I Flap Ratchet Plate

Submitted by Stan Gorman Flap actuation is much easier with this "saw tooth" ratchet plate, especially 35° and 50° position. Note: Glasair II & III ratchet...

Glasair Tail Light Mounting Block

The instructions for the Glasair call for the cutting of 2 small triangle shaped pieces of aluminum and bonding them in and then drilling...

Fairly Simple GlaStar Fairing

Submitted by Rollin Hatfield, GlaStar Here is another use for a rudder tip fairing (P/N 301-00015-03) — as a tailwheel spring fairing. It fits with...

Mylar Gap Seals

Submitted by Kory Cornum I installed Mylar gap seals on my Glasair III on 18 April 1993. The seals are from High Performance Engineering, Inc.,...