Cast Rudder Pedals

This tip was sent by Chris Lowery.

I never did like the cheap riveted metal plates SHAI had us make as rudder pedals, and nor did I like pedals that said “Glasair” on them. Also, the angle was not right for my foot, I wanted the lower slope on the pedal that you get in Cessnas.

Aircraft Spruce rudder pedals in GlaStarI have adapted the cast pedals from Aircraft Spruce, p/n A-1260. The pedal fits the space on the rudder bar exactly, maybe with a washer.


I cut off the projecting link bar and riveted a 0.090″ arm to the side flange to link with the brake cylinder connection. It took a little experimenting to get the template right using cardboard, but the assembly was easy. The bolt holding the pedal to the arm goes up to a AN-3-40, it needs to be longer to account for the extra thickness of the pedal flanges. You have to drill the holes for this bolt, make sure you get them square, otherwise the pedal will be crooked on the arm.

The result are real rudder pedals, and they look great!



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