Air Induction Injection Filter

Tom Lempicke submitted this tip about the GlaStar's air induction filter for a fuel-injected engine. One of the things we are up against in putting...

GlaStar Cabin Air Inlet Position Tip

I don't remember the dimension called for but they need to be a whole 1" lower than called for in the instructions. I ended...

Upgrading Your Glasair-I Fuselage

This is a follow-up article to the earlier article about the upgrading of the Glasair one wing. Just as the G-I wing can be...

Fiberglass Parts Warping in Hot Storage

Glenn Culver sent this tip. I've had a problem with warped GlaStar doors after storing them in a hot location. If I were to do it...

Spray Gun Lowdown

bug plug - prevent insects from crawling in

Bug Plug

Caribbean Puddle Jumpers

One winter afternoon, my wife, Heidi, and I were looking at a map of the Western Hemisphere in our hangar. We were reminiscing about...


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