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EarthX Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

I recently became aware of a great battery alternative for Glasair owners. Here is the statement from their website. About EarthX “EarthX, Inc. is a US...

EAA: Washington Glasair Sportsman

By Dennis Willows, EAA 1228004 After more than 45 years in the same Cessna 172, it seemed time for a major change. With my teenage daughter,...

Fiberglassing Tips

Working with fiberglass and resin is as much art as it is science. As builders gain confidence and get used to working with fiberglass,...

Lyle Powell’s 600 Hours in the Glasair III

Written by Lyle Powell, Glasair III. My III has always been difficult to touch down gracefully, perhaps because of my long flaps. My flap-dump button...


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