DIY Upholstery

For those of you thinking of tackling your own upholstery here is a little short lesson on what worked for me. Let me caveat...

Modified GlaStar Fuel Vent System

My tank vent system is different than S-H plans. There are 5-port manifolds bolted to each wing root rib just forward of the aft spar. The outboard port of each main tank comes around the aft spar and forward to the manifold.

Head in the Clouds

IFR Training in the Glasair Super II Written by Craig O'Neal It was about halfway down the Columbia River Gorge that I decided to get my...

Properly Promoting Resin

The resin that we currently use in both the Glasair and the GlaStar is Dow Derakane 411-45. This resin is shipped from Stoddard-Hamilton in...

GlaStar Taildragger Trailer

I took a Zieman's two SeaDo trailer and modified it to carry the GlaStar - it was very easy to do and only took...


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