Wolfgang Drahanowski’s GlaStar Flies

After 11 1/2 years of building time, one more Glastar experimental aircraft (OE-VWD #5605) joined the flying fleet on Sunday, January 16 2011, at...

RV Air Intake Adaption for GlaStar

This pictorial report was sent in by John Steichen. He used the cowl air scoop from Van's and adapted it to the GlaStar cowling.

N24TX Engine Air Inlet and Cooling Design

Submitted by By Tom. M. Taylor, Aeropride Technology N24TX is an early Glasair IIS-RG with a 200 hp Lycoming I0-360-C1C. I had heard that the...

Glasair Header Tank Flop Tube Installation Tips

The following illustrations show how to install a flop tube into the header tank. Note that it is mounted on the side to facilitate...

So, When Will You Be Ready to Fly?

When do you think you'll be ready to fly?" This is the question my husband Steve and I are always asked when a friend...


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