James Siebel’s Flat Baggage Floor

James Siebel added a floor to his baggage compartment that allows him to sleep back there (allegedly). This is what it looks like.

GlaStar Rudder Trim

Submitted by Bill Wilson, GlaStar I developed a servo-driven electric rudder trim and installed in the GlaStar kit I started in August 1996. I won't...

Bug Plug

How to make an inexpensive plug to keep bugs out of your airplane Buy a 100-pack of bright orange “fuzzy sticks." Used to be commonly...

Cool Tools

A while back I was asked how I was getting so much done on my plane in a short period of time. Naturally I...

Denali From FL240

Friday was the day that all the stars aligned for aircraft, pilot, and weather. My bird was still on small tires with wheel pants, had...


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