Nose Rib Alignment Aid

Submitted by Ted Beck, GlaStar Locating and drilling the leading edge skin to nose rib flange holes in the GlaStar wing can be a little...

Straps, Flaps & More

Here are a few things I've done on my GlaStar that others might find interesting. Brake Actuator Support Straps As one applies the brakes in a...
Sportsman cargo net

Cargo Net for Sportsman

Accident Briefs, November 1994

As FAA and National Transportation Safety Board reports can take up to one year to be published, advanced publication of accidents in this column...

Canopy Door Seals

Written by Bob Buckthal, Glasair II-S FT My canopy/doors fit perfectly. And then I installed the door seal and the doors wouldn’t close. After thorough investigation...

A Trip to Italy

Sometimes work is such a drag. I got a call on short notice to cover a trip to Rome (bummer). I e-mailed fellow ‘netter Glauco...


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