First Flight or the Thrill of Having a Baby

For each airplane, first flight is only done once. In my mind, it’s the closest builders get to the thrill of having a baby. Amazing...

Ferrying Sportsman N124MK Back to the U.S.

After having a 66-gallon Turtlepac ferry bladder installed (which allows a single stop on the southern tip of Greenland or other alternates) in the back and testing its functioning, we were fully ready, including appropriate insurance coverage and the requested permits from the UK, Denmark (for Greenland) and Canada.

Wrap School

I have found that wrapping the airplane can be quite frustrating but I’m learning a lot. I've been testing 3M 1080 wrap and the Avery...

Getting the Wheels All the Way Up Every Time

Tip submitted by Tom Hoffman, Glasair III. It seems that anywhere there are discussions by Glasair III builders/flyers, there continues to be talk of incomplete main...

The 8th Annual Columbia Fly-In is a Success!

Thanks to all who flew to Columbia this year to celebrate Oktoberfest in style. You made it happen and it was great fun being...


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