Merlin Specifications and Performance

Merlin LSA

Merlin is a composite high-wing, tricycle gear aircraft designed to meet LSA certification requirements based on ASTM standards. It is fitted with a Rotax 912iS engine and Dynon’s Skyview glass-panel avionics. Glasair also plans to offer an optional BRS parachute system. The SLSA is also the company’s first certified aircraft.



Max Speed at Sea Level 120 kt/138 mph
Cruise @ 75% power 100-105 kt/115-121 mph
Stall, no flaps 44 kt/50 mph
Stall, full flaps 39 kt/45 mph
Max takeoff weight 1320 lb
Empty weight 790 lb
Useful Load 530 lb
Limit Load +4/-2 g
Wing Span 31′ 9″
Wing Area 132 ft²
Length 21′ 8″
Height 8′ 8″
Cabin width 46.5″
Baggage 50 lb
Fuel capacity 24 gal


Merlin LSA interior.
Merlin LSA interior.
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