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GSSL 21: Sportsman Float Operations

Subject: Operating limitations on floats  Applicability: All Sportsman aircraft operated on floats  Discussion: This service letter serves as the official statement of operating limitations for the...

Collection of Advisories and Service Bulletins for Glasair I, II, III

This document is a collection of advisories published by Stoddard-Hamilton/ Glasair Aviation for the Glasair I, II and III aircraft.

OMF-100-160 Symphony Alert Service Bulletin 1107/0002

SUBJECT: Cage, outside tube supporting main landing gear leg.

Collection of Advisories and Service Bulletins GlaStar and Sportsman

This document is a collection of advisories published by Stoddard-Hamilton/ Glasair Aviation for the GlaStar and Sportsman aircraft. Version 1.0, 2020-07-27 Contents Index GlaStar Advisory Publications Index...

Sportsman Service Bulletin #74 – Fuselage Tail Cone Damage

Glasair Aviation published a service bulletin to address crushed or delaminated portions of the tail cone near the aft tailwheel bracket. The SB is...

Service Bulletin 73 for GlaStar and Sportsman: Garmin GSA 28 Autopilot...

Glasair Aviation issued Service Bulletin 73 for all Sportsman and GlaStar Aircraft equipped with Garmin GSA 28 autopilot servos. From the Service Bulletin: Compliance Time: Before...

Auxiliary Airbox Retention

Installations affected Engine installations typically installed in Van’s aircraft. These are only updraft sump installations with FM-100 or FM-200, FM-200A fuel controls, using Vans filtered...

Glasair FT Gear Bracket Cracks

Mike Palmer’s Glasair II FT has over 3400 hours on it and he recently discovered cracks in the lugs of his main landing gear...

Dynon Heated AOA/ Pitot Probe Technical Service Bulletin and Replacement Program

Dynon recently identified an issue with their Heated AOA/Pitot Probe. Over the past months, they have been engineering and testing a redesigned version of the...

Service Bulletin 72 for Sportsman and GlaStar Aircraft

Subject: Autopilots Cable Clamps Applicability: All Sportsman and GlaStar Aircraft Date: 7-11-14 Discussion: There have been several reports of slipping autopilot cables using the clamp system that is...