Paint Codes for Matching GlaStar Gelcoat


Imron Elite



Matching the GlaStar gel coat can be a challenge, but our members have provided the following tips for getting the right color.

DuPont Imron

Imron paint code that matches the gelcoat fuselage. I had it matched at Hi-Tec Professional Paint and Body Supply in Anchorage AK. Czech Aircraft Works used this paint code to paint my wings etc., and it matches perfectly.


Imron 5.0 VOC S/S

For 1 gallon (96 Oz) Dupont Imron

  • 555U White 2446.1
  • 570U Low Voc Binder 2810.9
  • 8585S Reducer 3055.7
  • 531U LS Black 3270.1
  • 562U Green Gold 3273.3
  • 556U Yellow Oxide 3274.9
  • 559U Bright Blue 3276.5

–Paul Kvernplassen

DuPont Imron

In my case, I concluded that the best match in Imron was a paint numbered B8550X. In the case of Imron 5.0, for one sprayable gallon (two are needed, I am told) the parts-per-color formula for this is:

  • 556U (yellow oxide) 2.0
  • 559U (blue) 2.0
  • 531U (LS Black) 167.9
  • 555U (White) 2485.7
  • 570U (Low VOC Binder) 369.9
  • 8585S (Reducer) 248.7

Variprime self-etching primer will undercoat the Imron.

–Dennis Douglas

Dupont Imron Elite, number 8550

–Rex Ott


I recently had to purchase paint for matching to the Crystal White gelcoat and thought I’d share it with members. It is a very good match. The store computer scans a sample of our gelcoat and selects the closest color from it’s database. It came up with: PPG Acrylic Urethane DCC 4336 white from the tinting guide. Then it creates a formula to modify the DCC 4336 to the desired color match. Formula:

  • DMC900 659.4
  • DMC 903 20.3
  • DMC 908 4.3
  • DMC 904 0.5
  • DMC935 0.5

–Ted Setzer

DuPont Nason

GM Truck #12 and DuPont Nason automotive finish which is equivalent to Mitsubishi Natural White and is:

  • H.S. White 1924.0,
  • Carbon Black 32.8,
  • Ochre 18.4,
  • Green 4.0,
  • Urethane binder 2436.8

–George Best


Formula for German paint called Glassurit, which is a high-quality pure urethane paint:

  • M0 16% (?color?)
  • M60 (white) 64.2%
  • M26 (lamp black) 14.2%
  • M974 (black) 4.6%
  • M40 (blue) 1.1%

–Dennis Douglas

Cage powder coat

DuPont ASA #61 Grey is the color match for the grey powder coating.

–Harry DeLong


Wal-Mart Color Place 21000 is a pretty close match to the Gel coat color. Also Rust-Oleum 7791 satin white is a good match. Both are just a bit brighter but I find OK for small parts like door hinges.

–Dan Thompson

General Motors

GM White #387

–Carlos Emmons


1997b Mitsubishi Natural White

–Dennis Douglas