Building a GlaStar—Presentation by Dave Prizio

Dave Prizio’s second GlaStar.

Dave Prizio gave a presentation through EAA Chapter 92 on October 5, 2021. Watch the recording below.

Introduction from Chapter 92:

Building a GlaStar—with Dave Prizio

Taking over a project started by someone else and bringing it to completion is a special case of building a plane. I will cover topics such as selecting a partly completed project, evaluating it, and getting it back home. Then I will look at the pros and cons of living with work that others have done, both good and not so good. Lastly I will look at my decisions about how to equip the new plane while staying within some sort of budget.

Dave Prizio

About the speaker: Dave Prizio is a long-time member of EAA Chapter 92, a Technical Counselor for our chapter, and a FAA DAR. He has built multiple aircraft over the years; writes a regular column for Kitplanes magazine; is a former member of the EAA Homebuilt Aircraft Council where he made major contributions to the “EAA Flight Test Manual” for E-AB aircraft Phase 1 flight testing in its revision to a task-based format; and authored a book, published by EAA titled “Powering Your Plane.”