Symphony SA 160 Specifications and Performance

Symphony SA 160

The Symphony is billed as a FAR 23 certified version of the GlaStar and was produced by OMF Aircraft and Symphony Aircraft Industries. 

Kitplanes Magazine published a review of the Symphony alongside the GlaStar and highlighted the similarities and differences.


Specifications and Performance

Wing span (ft) 35
Length (ft) 22.84
Height (ft) 9.25
Cabin width 43″
Takeoff weight (max.) (lb) 2,150
Useful load (max.) (lb) 750
Maximum baggage weight (lb) 165
Typical empty weight (lb) 1,450
Fuel capacity – usable (gal) 30
Limit loads (flaps up) +3.8g to -1.5g
Exterior noise on takeoff (db) 69


Propeller Fixed Pitch MT Propeller, composite
Engine Lycoming O-320 D2A 160 hp
Avionics Bendix/King or Garmin
Engine monitoring Vision Microsystems VM 1000
IFR certified  
Recommendedengine TBO hours 2,000


Performance (at 1,960 lb)  
Cruise (74% power @ 8000ft) (KIAS) 128
Rate of climb (MSL) (fpm) 850
Service ceiling (ft) 16,400
Stall Vs (flaps up) (KIAS) 57
Stall Vs (flaps full) (KIAS) 48
Landing (MSL – over 50′ obstacle) (ft) 1,837
Landing (ground roll) (ft) 755
Takeoff (MSL – over 50′ obstacle) (ft) 1,214
Takeoff (ground roll) (ft) 920
VNE (KIAS) 162

Performance data is based on International Standard Atmospheric Conditions (ISA)

Aircraft views

Symphony SA 160 side view
Symphony SA 160 side view
Symphony SA 160 front view
Symphony SA 160 front view
Symphony SA 160 top view
Symphony SA 160 top view

Download the Symphony Flight manual.

OMF Symphony sales brochure
OMF Symphony sales brochure.
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