Converting from On-Off to an Andair Fuel Valve

Finished Andair fuel valve project

For anyone that has the original, on-off, fuel valve, and might be thinking of changing to a newer style valve, here’s a brief overview of my installation of the Andair, left-both-right valve.

The project required replacing the fuel lines between the two header tanks and the fuel filter as well as fabricating a small box to house the new fuel valve. I had the seat pans out for the annual already.


Fortunately, I had lots of practice on my Glasair I with a Subaru engine. The fuel system required a full return system. I bent tons of tubing and flares prior to this project and it was great practice. As a result, each of these seven new GlaStar lines were bent pretty close to perfect on my first try.

I’m not trying to brag, just showing that I paid my dues with plenty of bad bends and junked tube in the past.

Total time to complete the following work was 12 hours:

  • Laminating a second low-point drain mount pad
  • Draining the fuel tanks
  • Removing the old fuel lines and valve
  • Installing the second low-point drain
  • Fabricating the new lines
  • Fabricating the box to mount the fuel valve in
  • Installing the valve
  • Testing fuel system
  • Painting the valve box
  • Reinstalling the interior
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