Wing Support Jig


If you are ready to attach the wings to the cage no doubt you’ve done some thinking about how you are going to support them securely, at the correct dihedral, for what may be quite a period of time while you fit the wing struts, flaps and ailerons, etc. Well, here’s what I did.

Basically the method consists of simply making height adjustable trestles to support the wings. The exact final height of your trestles will be dependent on the height of the wing where it attaches to your cage as you have set up and leveled the fuselage. I chose to have the wings at a height such that I could pass under them without bending too much and similarly work comfortably above and below the trailing edge.


Referring to the photos, for 1.5 degrees dihedral the adjustable top bar will need to be at a height around 1.5 inches less than the centerline of the forward spar attach pin with the trestle under the wing at main rib 4. As built, the top bar, which spans the wing spars, is screw adjustable up and down an inch or so and is hinged at front and rear to allow for angle of incidence. The trestle is made mostly from timber joined with self-drilling wood screws. I found it a cinch to establish and maintain the correct dihedral and to ensure no twist in the wings. This is very necessary before you mount the wing struts.

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Terry Dovey
Terry has been flying his GlaStar VH-TDI tricycle since 2013 Down-Under. His GlaStar is equipped with an AeroSport Power IO-320-D1A, 160HP, fuel injected engine, one mag, one Lightspeed Plasma III CDI ignition, Hartzell 72” CS prop, Dynon D1000 Classic EFIS, iPad running AvPlan nav & flight planning software.