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How-to and Builder Tips

No need to reinvent the wheel every time. Tips and hints for builders and owners constructing and maintaining aircraft.

Glasair Vertical Stabilizer Hints

Written by Jim Dutton When I started closing the vertical stab I decided it would be easier if I did not get in my own...

Beating The Draft

Written by Fred Van Rader, Glasair II-S RG Have you cured that big draft that enters your Glasair cockpit from the cutouts in the 'B' ribs?...

Glasair Torque Values

We receive a number of calls asking for the torque on bolts such as the engine mount to firewall or other fasteners that go...

Glasair Aft Chord Line Board

Submitted by Fred & Chris Van Raden, Glasair II-S RG builders After wing closing and before removing the wing from the jig, install the wing...

Taming the Tail Wheel Shimmy

Written by Will Fox, Technical Counselor, EAA Chapter 691, Los Alamos, New Mexico Ever had a tail wheel shimmy on you? If you haven’t, consider...

Aileron and Flap Trailing Edges

This tip was submitted by Barry Bieber, Glasair II-S RG The flap and aileron panels are rather flexible and it's easy to get unwanted low areas along...

Rear Wing-Attach Bolt

This builder tip was submitted by Barry Bieber, Glasair II-S RG Here's the method I used to trim in the area around the rear wing-attach...
Flop tube through header tank wall

Glasair Header Tank Flop Tube Installation Tips

The following illustrations show how to install a flop tube into the header tank. Note that it is mounted on the side to facilitate...

Glasair Inverted Fuel Pickup Installation

Written by Mike Jones The flexible flop tube is Aircraft Spruce part number 0520500 which lists for $26.85. I modified two of their AN867-2 welding...
Precise Flight Speed Brake

Precise Flight Speed Brakes in a Glasair

This tip was submitted by Ted Beck History In 1990 while attending Oshkosh I made a deal with the people in the Precise Flight (PF) booth...