Hinge Pin Safetying

This tip provided by Barry Bieber, Glasair II-S RG.

Here is the method 1 used to safety my aileron and flap hinges. The method First, add 1-3/8″ to the hinge length called out in the manual. Cut off the extra hinge lug and file smooth. Then measure 5/8″ beyond the hinge length called out in the manual and at that point bend the remaining section of hinge vertical. Make a gentle radius with a plywood back-up in a vise or the aluminum may crack. Try it on a scrap piece first.


Add one extra rivet, as shown, to secure the extra length of hinge. Position the hinge pin and locate where the two #50 holes are needed for the safety wire. Finally, round off the vertical section of hinge. Note that on the ailerons, the rear-most area of the vertical piece must be filed more than on the flaps to provide clearance for full-up deflection of the ailerons. Check for clearance with up deflection prior to drilling the safety wire holes and riveting the hinge in place.


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