How-to and Builder Tips

No need to reinvent the wheel every time. Tips and hints for builders and owners constructing and maintaining aircraft.

Precise Flight Speed Brake

Precise Flight Speed Brakes in a Glasair

This tip was submitted by Ted Beck History In 1990 while attending Oshkosh I made a deal with the people in the Precise Flight (PF) booth...
glasair flap plaster molds

Determining Glasair II-S Slotted Flaps Cut Locations

This tip was submitted by John Burnaby, FT #2081 I wanted a more precise method of determining where to cut the flap panels, for installation of...

Glasair Overhead GPS Antenna Tray

Here are a couple of quick drawings for my overhead GPS antenna tray. Produce side walls from 1/4 inch foam, coat one side with...
Flop tube through header tank wall

Glasair Header Tank Flop Tube Installation Tips

The following illustrations show how to install a flop tube into the header tank. Note that it is mounted on the side to facilitate...
Lycoming IO-360 engine

200-hp Engines in a Glasair FT?

There have been a few inquires about the use of a 200 hp engine such as an IO-360-(A) or (C) series for use in...

Glasair III Emergency Gear Extension System

The Glasair III emergency gear extension system was developed to provide gear extension redundancy for complete peace of mind. It separates the emergency extension...

Alternate Horizontal Stabilizer Hinge Alignment and Jigging

Submitted by Neal Garvin and Hal Mandly, Glasair Super II-S RG This method uses a taut line strung between the two outboard hinges as a guide...

Glasair Fuel Vent Master’s Thesis

Purpose I have been considering a modification to the fuel vent system on my Glasair Il-S. I know this statement makes you want to rush...

Glasair Exhaust Systems

Noise Noise, as it pertains to our discussion here, is simply unwanted sound. Many people are bothered and angered by aircraft noise. Although in metropolitan...