How-to and Builder Tips

No need to reinvent the wheel every time. Tips and hints for builders and owners constructing and maintaining aircraft.

Glasair III engine installation

Glasair III Engine Alignment, Cowling, and Spinner Installation

Stoddard-Hamilton instructs the builder to match and blend the lines of the cowl to the fuselage then shim the engine motor mounts to center...

Glasair Elevator Internal Arm Counterweight

This builder hint was John Schroeder. The procedures were used on a Glasair Super IIS FT Background In step 2N7, the process starts by cutting the lead sheet...

Cool Tools

A while back I was asked how I was getting so much done on my plane in a short period of time. Naturally I...
glastar kit delivered in driveway

New Builder?

So you just bought an airplane kit. Congratulations! That big crate is on it's way. Yikes! Now what? You'll be glad to know you're not alone. There...

Fitting A McCauley Propeller on a 4-Cylinder Lycoming-Engine Glasair

Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft does not stock a McCauley spinner installation kit for the Glasair I, II, or GlaStar aircraft. We do stock a McCauley spinner install...

Glasair Engine Mounting Pad Part Numbers

Many people are left in the cold by Stoddard-Hamilton’s unexpected closure. One of the hot topics on the GlasairNews website is where to get...

Caulking Wing to Fuselage Joint

Submitted by Neal Garvin, Glasair SIIS-RG N15F Here is something to think about when you are getting hammered in severe turbulence. When you permanently (or for the...

Glasair FT Oil Drip Plate

Submitted by Mike Palmer, Phoenix, Arizona We have a Glasair FT with 900+ hours now. We try to keep the engine compartment clean (that is, no...

Glasair I Retractable Gear

The Technical Support Department has noted a significant increase in builder questions related to the Glasair I kit . Although this design has been...

Firewall Grommet Alternative

Submitted by Dace Kirk, Phoenix Composites, Mesa Arizona At Phoenix Composites, Inc. we treat the problem of firewall grommets somewhat different. We find that there are...