Upgrading Your Glasair-I Fuselage

This is a follow-up to the earlier article about the upgrading of the Glasair one wing. Just as the G-I wing can be upgraded...
Glasair Super II-TD

Glasair Model Designators

The use of the SH-2 model designation and the more specific Glasair designator has caused much confusion in the past. I have not been...

Lightweight Custom Jack

Steve and I recently installed a set of Thomas Cox’s jack pads on our tricycle-gear GlaStar. These beautifully machined pads fit perfectly and will...

Glasair Super III

Many of you are probably wondering "What is all this I hear about a new Glasair Super Ill?" Well, prior to Sun n' Fun...

Aileron and Flap Trailing Edges

This tip was submitted by Barry Bieber, Glasair II-S RG The flap and aileron panels are rather flexible and it's easy to get unwanted low areas along...
glasair cowl modification

Modifying 180 HP Lower Cowl to Clear 200 HP Engine

Initial installation of the 200hp engine (slightly wider than 180 hp) in my Glasair-II resulted in contact between the heads of the two forward...

PMag Pirep

I've had a Lightspeed EI (LSE) on my right side and a Slick impulse mag on the left. Both have performed with no issues...
Glasair Super II-S N902S

Glasair Super II-S Prototype Flight Report

Flight report by Jay Blass, II-S RG builder. More than a decade in Naval Aviation gave me the opportunity to fly some exciting aircraft in...

Engine Plumbing

Many of you may not be familiar with proper engine plumbing techniques. The beauty of home-building is to do it your own way, reducing...
Figure 1. View looking down right side - Internal passages FVFV top.

Testing Procedure for Fuel Vent Float Valve Check Valves

There are two check valves installed within the upper housing of the FVFV. One valve is designed to open to allow pressure into the...