Advanced Aero Announces Production of G2 and G3, Web Store, and Support Options

Advanced Aero Components (AAC) announced in a press release that the new web store is now open for business. Ian Baker, the company’s CEO said that “all inventory has been photographed and categorized in the new web store by aircraft type and / or general system categories. We are happy with the end result for our customers, and we thank them for their patience.”

The store can be reached through the Advanced Aero website


New parts are regularly being added to the store, but if customers cannot find the part they are looking for, the order desk can be reached by email at

Baker says that the company will “do our best to find what you are looking for. For parts that are unavailable, we will also try our best to source old vendors, design replacement parts, or make them ourselves to support the existing fleet of aircraft and those in the future, this also includes Glasair 1 aircraft.”

Technical support 

Completing the support via the web store is Advanced Aero’s new technical support option. The company will offer tech support via phone or email for an annual cost of $147. This service will be provided in 20-minute block intervals, and will be available Mondays and Thursdays.

advanced aero G3

New G2 and G3 kit production and pricing

Production of the new kit planes, now called the Heritage G2 and G3, is already underway. These will be all infused carbon fiber construction with many upgrades, more streamlined design and added safety features. For more information, email:

Introductory pricing for the new kits:

G2 complete kit cost: $93,995 USD
Individual costs:

  • G2 Kit #1 (fuselage) $26,500
  • G2 kit #2 (wing) $27,150
  • G2 kit #3 (Landing Gear) $22,645
  • G2 kit #4 (Final Assembly) $22,700

G3 complete kit cost $96,995 USD
Individual costs:

  • G3 Kit #1 (fuselage) $27,450
  • G3 kit #2 (wing) $28,200
  • G3 kit #3 (Landing Gear) $22,645
  • G3 kit #4 (Final Assembly) $23,700

Specifications of the aircraft are being finalized, once they are released, the company will be accepting orders. To place an order and reserve a spot a 20% refundable deposit is required.

The company has big plans for the future, as Baker says: “We have a lot of exciting and innovative plans for the future that are sure to impress. You’ll see networking with other companies to bring exciting new changes to aviation, you’ll see support and commitment to our customers and our products, you’ll see constant ongoing research and development, you’ll see a company, aircraft, and products at the forefront of general aviation.”

Download the complete press releases about AAc’s web-store and pricing.

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Omar Filipovic
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