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Columbia 2014. Photo: Dave Ammenti.

12th Annual Northern California Glasair Aircraft Owners Association Fly-in October 3-5

Join us for the 12th Annual Northern California GlaStar/Sportsman Fly-in on Oct. 3-5 in Columbia, California! This fine fall fly-in takes place at one...
The other useful piece of equipment essential for the Australian Outback – the fly hat!

Third Time Across Australia

Sue and I have twice taken the GlaStar on flying safaris across Australia. In those trips we flew as tag-alongs with Stawell Aviation. This...

Ducking the Long Arm of the Law

Most of us are generally law-abiding citizens, but it's a rare pilot who hasn't occasionally bent an FAR just a little bit around the...

Doing Business with the Glasair III

"You try to do too many things when we go someplace," is a comment I'll sometimes hear from my wife, Bonita. And I guess...
Pitch your tent anywhere at Tok, Alaska.

North to Alaska

We always dreamed about flying our own plane to Alaska to see for ourselves if the stories and pictures are true. Do bears really...
Flying along the west coast of the Dead Sea.

Italy to Israel in a GlaStar

It's quite understandable that it took about 5 months of preparation for the most beautiful flight in my 20 years light aircraft flying. But...

Tom Needham’s Sportsman Repair Project 2016

Editor’s note: This is a personal request from Ted Setzer to raise funding for a fuselage cage replacement, labor and travel costs for Tom...

In the Dark She Awaits

Last night I took our Davis DA2A up for a wonderful sunset flight. I marveled at how responsive that little airplane is, how delightfully...
Smiley Creek Fly-in (Photo: Alan Negrin)

2014 Smiley creek, Idaho Fly-In Preview

The 7th annual Smiley Creek fly-in is only a few weeks away. If you are planning to attend this year please reply in the Events...

Around the World in 59 Days

In the Beginning, the Dream... Since I was a child, I had the dream of building an airplane and flying it around the world. Now,...