Places we travel and the fun things we do.

Denali From FL240

Friday was the day that all the stars aligned for aircraft, pilot, and weather. My bird was still on small tires with wheel pants, had...

Ducking the Long Arm of the Law

Most of us are generally law-abiding citizens, but it's a rare pilot who hasn't occasionally bent an FAR just a little bit around the...
Columbia 2014. Photo: Dave Ammenti.

12th Annual Northern California Glasair Aircraft Owners Association Fly-in October 3-5

Join us for the 12th Annual Northern California GlaStar/Sportsman Fly-in on Oct. 3-5 in Columbia, California! This fine fall fly-in takes place at one...
Pirates at Columbia

Pirate Pilots Swoop in on the Columbia Fly-in

Great food, perfect weather and the company of like-minded Pirates was enjoyed by those attending the recent GlaStar & Sportsman fly-in at Columbia, California....
Carlos Emmons after the flight with Glauco Nuzzi.

A Trip to Italy

Sometimes work is such a drag. I got a call on short notice to cover a trip to Rome (bummer). I e-mailed fellow ‘netter Glauco...

It’s Not About the Airplanes, But the People

After last year's Columbia fly-in, Arlo Reeves made an astute comment on GlastarNet: “By now I can say with some confidence that it’s not...

Flying to Alaska

Some places just enchant you. No matter how many times you go there it isn’t enough. Alaska is like that for me. It was...

Heavy Hauler

People want to know just how much you can carry in a Sportsman. I tell them it will carry anything that will fit unless...
Herb Karkheck at SnF 2014

Sun ‘n Fun 2014 Postcard

Herb Karkheck organized another great brat-roast party at the 2014 Sun ‘n Fun Fly In for the Glasair Aircraft Owners Association. He reports that...
Dick King on Fly-by. Photo by Carlos Emmons.

2013 Rough River Annual Fly-In

The 2013 Rough River Annual Fly-In will be held September 13-15 at the Rough River Dam, Kentucky. The Fly-in is hosted by the local...