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Independence, Oregon airport

Independence, Oregon Fly-in 2014 Preview

Independence, Oregon is in close proximity to Van’s factory, and we have a lot of RVs at the airpark and a lot of them...

Heavy Hauler

People want to know just how much you can carry in a Sportsman. I tell them it will carry anything that will fit unless...

Florida to Washington

N75LN made the trip from Florida to the Arlington Fly-in this year. Even though we averaged 20-knot headwinds on the flight there, and had...
Landing at Oshkosh.

AirVenture – Oshkosh 2013

Flying to Oshkosh in an airplane you built yourself is way up there on every homebuilder’s wish list. Although my husband Steve and I...
Smiley Creek Fly-in (Photo: Alan Negrin)

2014 Smiley creek, Idaho Fly-In Preview

The 7th annual Smiley Creek fly-in is only a few weeks away. If you are planning to attend this year please reply in the Events...

Alaska to Oshkosh

It had always been in the back of my mind while building the GlaStar to someday make the Oshkosh trip.

Tom Needham’s Sportsman Repair Project 2016

Editor’s note: This is a personal request from Ted Setzer to raise funding for a fuselage cage replacement, labor and travel costs for Tom...
The other useful piece of equipment essential for the Australian Outback – the fly hat!

Third Time Across Australia

Sue and I have twice taken the GlaStar on flying safaris across Australia. In those trips we flew as tag-alongs with Stawell Aviation. This...
Smiley Creek flightline. Photo: Dave Hulse

Smiley Creek 2016 is a Success

It's Sunday morning and I'm watching our GlaStar and Sportsman airplanes departing Smiley Creek airport. There are still a few of us hanging around here...

Alaska to Oshkosh, Part 2

There were still those who believed that Man would have been happier had he stayed on his own planet; but it was rather too...