Made it back from Memphis, TN today. Nice stretch of N19HL legs. We added two more states to our list (Tennessee, and Arkansas), and got to see the great Mississippi River up close.

Three hours and 26 min down, and 3 hours, 52 min back with a bit of a head wind. For anyone considering Memphis as a destination Linda and I highly recommend it. We visited Graceland (Elvis’s House), the Civil Rights Museum (awesome!), and Beale street for some wonderful ribs and beer! It’s well worth a weekend trip.


Linda also coordinated with Pilots and Paws organization ( before the trip and we were able to transport Remi, a sweet rescued dog from Memphis to Cincinnati. This is a great organization that is doing wonderful work helping needy dogs find new homes.

Think about joining the Pilots and Paws volunteer team. Remi’s final home is Danbury, Connecticut and he’s a little further on his way there now.

I’d like to give a big shout out for Travis Coats (FBO support) at General Dewitt Spain Airport (M01) north of Memphis. He provided great tie down support, helpful recommendations on events in town, helped us gas up on departure (100LL was $3.39 a gallon!), cleaned our windshield, and saved us with a misplaced bag! This is the airport to fly into if you’re headed to Memphis.

Wow! All those years of building finally paying off big time with the fun adventures we all dream about during those hours of rivet pounding, sanding glass, and pulling wire. Keep building folks… it’s a blast to fly once you finish!

Now just to work through my squawk list from the trip. First item up is changing out the halogen bulb landing light, swapping out my pitch servo for a trim sensor update, and then working on CHT cooling to get CHT 3, and CHT 4 closer to 1 and 2 temperatures at cruise.

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Howard Plevyak
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