Places we travel and the fun things we do.


In the Dark She Awaits

Last night I took our Davis DA2A up for a wonderful sunset flight. I marveled at how responsive that little airplane is, how delightfully...

Aerial Photography

So you’ve got your GlaStar, or Glasair, or Sportsman all finished. Years of effort, toil, lots of money, and probably a few drops of...


Made it back from Memphis, TN today. Nice stretch of N19HL legs. We added two more states to our list (Tennessee, and Arkansas), and got...

We Got High in Colorado

Steve and I just returned from our fall flying trip to Kentucky and Colorado. While in Colorado, we got totally out of control (zones)‚...

Postcards from Smiley Creek 2015

Just got home after 37+ hours of fun in the GlaStar. A belated BIG thank you to Dave & Dave & Gail & Ann...

Florida to Washington

N75LN made the trip from Florida to the Arlington Fly-in this year. Even though we averaged 20-knot headwinds on the flight there, and had...

Denali From FL240

Friday was the day that all the stars aligned for aircraft, pilot, and weather. My bird was still on small tires with wheel pants, had...

Diesel Sportsman Update

My son and I I flew over to Fry Canyon, UT (UT74), a dirt strip in southeastern Utah. There are several backcountry strips in the...
Columbia 2014. Photo: Dave Ammenti.

12th Annual Northern California Glasair Aircraft Owners Association Fly-in October 3-5

Join us for the 12th Annual Northern California GlaStar/Sportsman Fly-in on Oct. 3-5 in Columbia, California! This fine fall fly-in takes place at one...

Fun and Friendship in a Mountain Paradise

This year’s Smiley Creek GlaStar & Sportsman Fly-in was one of the best ever, according to the regulars who’ve made the annual pilgrimage since...