We Got High in Colorado

Steve and I just returned from our fall flying trip to Kentucky and Colorado. While in Colorado, we got totally out of control (zones)‚ and got very high (14,000 feet). It was fantastic!

The photos are from our last day in the state. It was a gorgeous morning: severe clear, calm winds, and visibility forever. We departed at 7:30 a.m. from Boulder, climbed to altitude, and flew west over the Rocky Mountains to Leadville — the highest airport in North America, at almost 10,000 feet.


Our plane performed perfectly.

After Leadville, it was all downhill! We headed east at 11:30, and with a slight tailwind, made it to just south of Chicago by sunset. The next morning we crossed the border to our home airport and had the plane tucked away by 1 pm.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have enjoyed such a great trip in our little plane.

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