New Window Installation Videos by Zach Chase

Zach Chase of Fibertech Composites has been the go-to man when it comes to assembling the Glastar and Sportsman airplanes. His one day of “Zach Attack” work can easily save the builder a month of labor and head-scratching. In addition to being the master of all things composite, he is also a movie star.

Zach’s latest contribution is a series of new videos about window installation in the Glastar and Sportsman – an improved set of how-to instructions that replaces the old VHS-grade recording from many years ago. Dj Merrill edited the videos – thanks Dj. Zach’s written instructions have been around for some time and have helped countless builders.


Check them out below below or on the GAOA YouTube Channel.

If you find these video instructions helpful, please consider making a donation to Zach.

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Omar Filipovic
Omar Filipovic is president of the Glasair Aircraft Owners Association as well as the chief tinkerer and content editor for this website. He is also the web editor for Kitplanes Magazine. Omar is building a GlaStar in Portland, Oregon.