GlaStar Baggage Door Installation Tip


The pull rivets end up so close to the door seal flange that the only pull rivet tool I have found to work resides in Bruce Bashforth’s tool box. Short of making this the 3rd rental tool, builders should either grind down the forward face of their pull riveter, or scallop the flange at the rivet locations like this:



Get the idea? The seal still holds fine and covers the scallops on the flange. also on the baggage door, I found the location of the aft lock to be farther away from the seal than the forward one. Move it approx. 3/8″ toward the center of the radius to correct this.

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Ted Setzer
Born Wichita Kansas Oct 02, 1953. (have a fascination with tornadoes) Private pilot SEL & Sea approx 3,000 hrs Co-founder of Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft in 1979. Contributed developmentally toward all models of the Glasair, GlaStar and Sportsman in from 79' thru Oct. 2016 when I retired. Whew...38 years! Started construction of my own custom, lightweight Sportsman in 1999 from the basic kit. First flight of N11YM was Jan 2013. I love this plane and have tested three variations of taildragger main landing gear. Recently purchased a set of Clamar amphibious floats and can't wait to install them hopefully in 2018.