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GlaStar Wing Folding

For a taildragger, folding the wing is an accident waiting to happen. Mess up and you will damage the airplane like I did. I...

Wing Support Jig

If you are ready to attach the wings to the cage no doubt you’ve done some thinking about how you are going to support...

GlaStar 540 on Amphibious Floats Project

The goal of this project was to get into (and out of!) the many high alpine lakes around Vancouver BC. While a Super Cub...

Spray Gun Lowdown

This tip was submitted by John Top. I had never owned a paint gun, and I researched them for my GlaStar project. I settled on...
Cracked Sportsman nosegear bushing

Sportsman Nose Gear Bushing Inspection

When performing an annual inspection on the Sportsman nose gear, be sure to take a close look at the condition of the shock bushings. The...
Dave Hulse landing his GlaStar

Landings in a GlaStar Without That “Sinking Feeling”

On December 13th, 1994, Tom Hamilton (idea man extraordinaire, designer, and head of the design team for the GlaStar) handed me the keys to...
GlaStar horizontal stabilizer ribs

GlaStar and Sportsman Tail Section Tips

Counterweight fabrication: A local homebuilder showed me a way to construct a counterweight, and it's much simpler than cutting up the lead sheet. First,...
GlaStar - drilling the flap skin doublers

GlaStar Aileron and Flap Installation Tips

Whilst many have been at Oshkosh enjoying themselves, I have been doing likewise checking out my first wing in preparation for riveting on the...

Fitting A McCauley Propeller on a 4-Cylinder Lycoming-Engine Glasair

Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft does not stock a McCauley spinner installation kit for the Glasair I, II, or GlaStar aircraft. We do stock a McCauley spinner install...

California Custom Metal Polish PIREP

California Custom makes two products of interest to some of us crazy enough to think we want polished aluminum surfaces on our GlaStar or...