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GlaStar Aileron Rigging

One of the biggest challenges for GlaStar builders arises in the "home stretch" of the project. This challenge is affectionately referred to around our...
Wing rotating jig

Wing Rotating Stand

These are some easily made (and cheap) wing stands I made to support my wings before and during painting. I used 90mm x 35mm...

Revised GlaStar Upper Door Latch

This modification was sent by Paul Hansen. This drawing shows the original aft upper door latch drawing from the manual plus the revised latch I...
aileron servo tab

Aileron Servo Tabs and Aileron Trim

Aileron Servo Tabs I have designed and built some servo tabs that can be added to the ailerons after the fact to reduce the aileron...
Composite vortex generators made by Fibertech Composites. Photo: Zach Chase

Function of Delta-Wing Vortex Generators

Paul Robertson of Aeronautical Testing Services is the engineer Stoddard-Hamilton contracted in 1994 to conduct all the GlaStar developmental flight testing and configuration changes....

Nuisance Oil Leaks

With about 370 hours on my Superior XP-360 engine, I had developed several small leaks that were difficult to track down, but I discovered a...

Spins in a GlaStar

I did my required spin training for the instructor's rating in the second, demo GlaStar. (Learned to fly in a Luscombe, didn't enjoy spinning...
Automatic center-punch

Locating and Center-Punching Holes

You may have the best tools, but it's knowing how to use them that makes you a craftsman - in this case our members...
GlaStar fuselage assembly jig

GlaStar Fuselage Assembly Tips

Step 27: If your kit includes the upper shell attach fittings pre-made with all holes predrilled, as mine did, when doing the final installation,...
Confirm clearance before cutting the GlaStar cabin air inlet opening.

GlaStar Cabin Air Inlet Position Tip

I don't remember the dimension called for but they need to be a whole 1" lower than called for in the instructions. I ended...