Glastar baggage door latch mechanism

GlaStar Baggage Door Installation Tip

The pull rivets end up so close to the door seal flange that the only pull rivet tool I have found to work resides...

GlaStar Wing Folding

For a taildragger, folding the wing is an accident waiting to happen. Mess up and you will damage the airplane like I did. I...
Nose rib and skin on left GlaStar wing

Rib and Skin Fitting

Skin/rib fitting: I'm sharing my experience with horizontal stabilizer skinning, for the benefit of anyone else who's having trouble pulling the skin far enough...
Wing ribs

Making Your Own Ribs

Making ribs is a simple process not requiring more than what is found in a standard wood shop. You will need a oak form...

GlaStar Rudder System Installation Tips

Installation of the rudder pedal assemblies: The S-H manual instructs you to position one set of pedals, lock it into position, and install the...
aileron riveting tip

Aileron Riveting for Solo Riveters

Riveting the top skins to the aileron nose ribs as described in the builder’s manual is pretty awkward (if not impossible) for solo riveters,...
Dave Hulse landing his GlaStar

Normal Landings in a GlaStar

When flying at airshows, it's not uncommon to have many aircraft of various approach speeds all headed for the same or parallel runways at...
SilverHawk EX

Safety alert: Precision Airmotive Fuel Injection Servos

Attention All Owners of aircraft with Lycoming Fuel Injected Engines. Please read these safety alerts from Precision Airmotive. Hex plug 383493 coming loose from regulator cover. Service...