GlaStar Taildragger Trailer


Glastar trailerI took a Zieman’s two SeaDo trailer and modified it to carry the GlaStar – it was very easy to do and only took a weekend.

I cut off the box for carrying gas cans etc., and welded some metal above the tires for the main gear to sit on.Glastar trailer


I used some steel U channel down the center for the tail wheel to sit on and made some ramps for the wheels to go up on. The plane trailers backwards sitting down on the tail and the main gear. A typical boat type of winch pulls the plane up on the trailer and also holds the tail in place when on the trailer. Tire chains designed for automobiles to use in the snow turnbuckle over the main wheels to keep them in place.Glastar trailer

The trailer had to be made significantly longer, but I did this with 4 inch and 3-1/2 inch Square beams telescoping longer when the plane is on the trailer, and telescoping to a nice short tidy size when the plane is not being trailered.

Go to a boating store and look at several models. I am sure you will see a way to easily modify one for your use. You can usually find somebody willing to sell one cheap. Mine had a carrying rating of 1500 lb, so it should work well with me not in it and a minimum amount of fuel.

Glastar trailer

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Chris Wills
I am a retired orthopaedic surgeon and have been involved in things aviation all my life. I first designed and built a biplane glider as a sophomore in high school out of broomsticks and brown wrapping paper (that was doped), held together by bailing wire and flew in it towed behind a pickup truck on an asphalt road lined by high tension powerlines – having never had any flying lessons. That was my safe introduction to flight. As a senior in high school, I got school credits for building an airplane of Spruce and chrome molly with a Volkswagen engine (that my parents would not let me fly – after a somewhat late realization that I might possibly get hurt). I then started hang gliding with bamboo and plastic gliders progressing to aluminum and Dacron and started WillsWing Inc. hang gliding manufacturing company. I have built several ultralight type experimental aircraft, a GlaStar, and now a Sportsman that I fly regularly. (My parents never did figure out how to stop my aviation drive.)