How to & Builder Tips

Ever wonder how to make a certain part with fiberglass or sheet metal? Or fix an oil leak? These tips can guide you and reduce the amount of head-scratching.

Zach Chase window installation videos

New Window Installation Videos by Zach Chase

Zach Chase of Fibertech Composites has been the go-to man when it comes to assembling the Glastar and Sportsman airplanes. His one day of...

Effective Low-cost Solutions

Omar and I were sharing how nice it is to find low cost solutions that are effective and I mentioned a few things I...

Sportsman Transfer Pump Filters

I installed fuel filters between my tip tanks and Facet transfer pumps after one pump failed due to FOD. Facet specifies a 74 micron filter...

Trimming Doors

I installed one of my doors today and I found a method that helped mark the door for trimming. I’m not sure if someone...

Keeping Oil Temperatures Low

Sorting out the oil temperature issues and CHT temperature spread was a bit of a challenge. Extended climbs during Sydney summers had to be...
Cooling ramps improve airflow

Cooling Ramps

These are cowling inlet ramps that help significantly with keeping cylinder head temperatures down during extended climbs in hot weather. They can be ordered...
Cooling baffles

Baffles Reduce Cylinder Temperatures

This is a technical tip for the cylinder baffling modifications we’ve come up with for the IO-360 and IO-375 engines. The windows in front...
GlaStar nose wheel bearings. Photo: Arlo Reeves.

Wheel Bearings

I was concerned about the salty sand we landed on in Baja corroding my wheels, so I rinsed them off and went flying, but...

Same Wheelpants, Bigger Wheels?

Since I'm due soon for another set of tires I was wondering if the 380-150x5, (basically a 6.00x5), would fit into my wheel pants...

Baffle Seals

Good baffle seals are critical if the airplane is to spend time hanging on the prop at full throttle. These are AMS3320-spec glass-reinforced silicone, using...