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How to & Builder Tips

Ever wonder how to make a certain part with fiberglass or sheet metal? Or fix an oil leak? These tips can guide you and reduce the amount of head-scratching.

DEFT primer

Corrosion Protection with DEFT

Corrosion protection and the use of primers are topics with as many opinions as there are builders. Here are some tips submitted by our members. Deft...
Glastar baggage door latch mechanism

GlaStar Baggage Door Installation Tip

The pull rivets end up so close to the door seal flange that the only pull rivet tool I have found to work resides...
glastar firewall assembly drawing

GlaStar Firewall Installation Tips

Firewall installation: Install engine and all engine plumbing/wiring prior to installation of firewall. Carefully measure where holes should go, then drill firewall holes, install...

DIY Upholstery

For those of you thinking of tackling your own upholstery here is a little short lesson on what worked for me. Let me caveat...
Spray Zolatone (or equv.) in shaded area prior to fuselage assembly.

Weight Conscious GlaStar Assembly

In the beginning stages of developing the GlaStar we set goals for performance, weight, build time (don’t laugh—the industry’s come a long way from...
Nose rib and skin on left GlaStar wing

Rib and Skin Fitting

Skin/rib fitting: I'm sharing my experience with horizontal stabilizer skinning, for the benefit of anyone else who's having trouble pulling the skin far enough...
GlaStar strake in position. Photo: Zach Chase, Fibertech Composites

GlaStar Strake Installation Tip

I tooled these myself off of Jim Londo's GlaStar but the incidence was later changed. It is a real struggle to get these to fit...

Nutplate Jig

Submitted by Don Jessup. Don't delay—make yourself a metal template to drill all the holes you will make for nutplates. About 1" x 2" seems...

Cake Frosting Applicator for Applying Resin/Mill Fiber Mix Warning

I recently heard a great suggestion for applying the resin/mill fiber mixture to the rib and spar tops of wings, stabilizers, rudders, etc. The...

Baffle Seals

Good baffle seals are critical if the airplane is to spend time hanging on the prop at full throttle. These are AMS3320-spec glass-reinforced silicone, using...