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How to & Builder Tips

Ever wonder how to make a certain part with fiberglass or sheet metal? Or fix an oil leak? These tips can guide you and reduce the amount of head-scratching.

Hidden comm antenna

Hidden Tail Com Antenna

Paul Hansen installed his com antenna in the tail using an innovative ground plane.
The EAA Young Eagles GlaStar. Photo: Paul Hansen

Aileron Balancing Servo Tabs

The aileron servo helps reduce stick forces in roll. BILL OF MATERIALS 1 12"x12" .032 aluminum sheet 88 3/32" pop rivets 24 1-1/4" aluminum extruded hinge...
Glastar trailer

GlaStar Taildragger Trailer

I took a Zieman's two SeaDo trailer and modified it to carry the GlaStar - it was very easy to do and only took...
GlaStar air induction filter

Air Induction Injection Filter

Tom Lempicke submitted this tip about the GlaStar's air induction filter for a fuel-injected engine. One of the things we are up against in putting...
Custom molded heated pitot tube by Eric Jones

Streamlined Heated Pitot Tube

Want a unique pitot tube? Follow these instructions from Eric Jones and build a custom heated pitot tube. Eric Jones can be reached via his...
A wooden stiffener attached to the GlaStar gear leg dampens the forward-aft motion of the gear during ground operations

GlaStar Gear Leg Dampers

The pictures are of my wood gear dampers installed on my GlaStar. I used mahogany base molding glued together to form a faired shape...

Building a Workbench & Wing Jig

Here are a few tips on building a suitable workbench and wing jig for the GlaStar and Sportsman submitted by our members. Workbench from the wing...

Bucking Bars

This builder tip was submitted by Scott Gordon, kit #5031. I have noted over the last year comments about bucking bars in tight places. I...
DEFT primer

Corrosion Protection with DEFT

Corrosion protection and the use of primers are topics with as many opinions as there are builders. Here are some tips submitted by our members. Deft...

Marking Electrical Wires and Connectors

This couple of tips for marking electrical connections from builder Roy Kokenge might save you some time when you are doing your wiring. Dye for connectors:...