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How to & Builder Tips

Ever wonder how to make a certain part with fiberglass or sheet metal? Or fix an oil leak? These tips can guide you and reduce the amount of head-scratching.

rivet gun

Riveting Tips

Dimples: Those cute little depressions around the rivet heads that occur when riveting light skins are almost impossible to avoid. They are caused by...
Sportsman top deck. Photo: Zach Chase, Fibertech Composites

GlaStar Top Deck Installation Tips

Lifting eye slots: when laying out the dimensions for the lifting eye slots in the top deck, be sure to make an inside measurement...

Taming the Tail Wheel Shimmy

Written by Will Fox, Technical Counselor, EAA Chapter 691, Los Alamos, New Mexico Ever had a tail wheel shimmy on you? If you haven’t, consider...

Switching from Hartzell Blended Airfoil to a Trailblazer Propeller

I changed the propeller on my Sportsman from a 74” Hartzell Blended Airfoil (HC-C2YR-1BFP/F7497) to 76” Trailblazer composite (HC-C2YR-1NX/NG8301-7X1). These are my learnings and first...
Glastar wing strut attach point cover

Paul Sather’s Neat GlaStar Innovations

Paul Sather has some neat innovations in his GlaStar.
aileron cove

GlaStar Cove Ribs and Skins Tips

Aileron cove rib: We found that when installing the left wing aileron cove the lower wing skin is about 3/8" too short to give...
Low corners on the sides of the instrument panel enhance visibility, but the center column could impede access and reduce leg comfort. Photo: Peter Braswell.

GlaStar Systems Installation Tips

Flap handle detent notches: Trial-fit flap detent notches in the flap actuator lever between the seats prior to chroming. I had to widen my aft-most...

The Zen of Riveting

Most amateur builders think that riveting is just "plain riveting." You put the rivet in the hole, press the rivet against the metal with...
Muffler shroud

Easy Muffler Shroud

This is an easy way to make a mold for a muffler shroud layup. I pegged a board which I clamped to the table of...

Fiberglassing Tips

Working with fiberglass and resin is as much art as it is science. As builders gain confidence and get used to working with fiberglass,...