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How to & Builder Tips

Ever wonder how to make a certain part with fiberglass or sheet metal? Or fix an oil leak? These tips can guide you and reduce the amount of head-scratching.

Picking Up/Unloading Your Kit

Use of boat trailer for crate pickup: Living approximately 70 miles from the closest Consolidated Freight yard, the cost of a rental truck or...
GlaStar shearweb installation drawing

Shearweb Installation Tips

C/C inter-bulkhead shearweb: If you follow the manual when doing the C/D inter-bulkhead shearweb, you won't have any picnic when placing the DBM side...

Stainless-Steel Exhaust Systems

The installation and inspection of your aircraft’s exhaust system are fairly straightforward subjects, but we get enough queries from both Glasair and GlaStar builders...

Sportsman Transfer Pump Filters

I installed fuel filters between my tip tanks and Facet transfer pumps after one pump failed due to FOD. Facet specifies a 74 micron filter...
Cooling ramps improve airflow

Cooling Ramps

These are cowling inlet ramps that help significantly with keeping cylinder head temperatures down during extended climbs in hot weather. They can be ordered...
GlaStar aileron construction

GlaStar and Sportsman Aileron Construction Tips

Fitting the aileron skin: In fitting the aileron skin, after clecoing the lower skin surface to the aft ribs, it is easier to turn...
Andair fuel valve in GlaStar

GlaStar Fuel System Tips

Fitting fuel tanks: When fitting the fuel tanks into the wings, the spar spacing at the upper wing surface tends to spread apart when...

Lycoming Oil Pressure Port

Submitted by Daniel Blumel, Glasair RG If you are experiencing high oil pressure readings, the problem may be a result of where the oil pressure...
Sportsman fuel sender unit

How Much Fuel Do We Have?

We occasionally get a sticky fuel sending unit and have come up with a few minor adjustments to the Stewart Warner fuel sending units...
DEFT primer

Corrosion Protection with DEFT

Corrosion protection and the use of primers are topics with as many opinions as there are builders. Here are some tips submitted by our members. Deft...